Texas A&M president shows off the Dougie

Cali Swag District performed at UC Irvine's Midnight Madness event, and the dance craze that the hip hop group launched with "Teach Me How to Dougie" was also on display at other Madness events with college basketball players across the nation given the opportunity to show off their moves.

One university president did the Dougie as well.

At Texas A&M's Madness event, Dr. R. Bowen Loftin managed to upstage Mark Turgeon's players and the cheerleaders in doing his own version of the Dougie. The bow tie-wearing Loftin's dance can be found on YouTube and is such a hit that fans of it are leaving props on his Facebook page.

For ESPN Page 2's Bomani Jones, Loftin's dance perhaps signals the beginning of the end for the Dougie.

Sure, you could look at this as proof of the Dougie's popularity, and maybe you should. When a man so far removed from the hip-hop generation is even aware of a dance, it's come a long way. And that's a good thing because, without all that momentum, there's no way the Dougie could have jumped all the way over the shark.

Kudos to Dr. Loftin, who displayed a sense of humor about himself in dancing in front of thousands of college students that most -- read: me -- don't possess. But inadvertently, he may have spelled the end of an era.