NCAA denies would-be Auburn walk-on?

Anthony Komara served as a student assistant to the video coordinator at Auburn last season, and this year, new coach Tony Barbee gave him a chance to walk on the team as a guard and issued him a locker and a jersey number.

Feel-good story, right? Hardly.

In a situation reported on by the Birmingham News, Komara has been told he can no longer be a part of the program, and it could very well be because of his father and his previous run-in with the NCAA.

In 2004, the NCAA found AAU coach Mark Komara to be acting as a representative of Auburn engaging in improper recruitment of players, and the school was placed on probation for two years.

Mark Komara told the paper that he reminded Barbee of his history with the program when Barbee offered the walk-on opportunity to his son in March, but that Anthony was pulled off the floor on the first day of conditioning drills after things apparently changed.

From the report:

Last Thursday, the day before the start of preseason practice, Mark Komara drove to Auburn and met with Barbee. He said that Barbee told him that Anthony couldn't be a part of the program in any capacity, that the Auburn compliance department had been given that advice by the NCAA.

The NCAA told The Birmingham News it had no comment on the issue.


After Auburn made its final decision Thursday, [family attorney Don] Jackson emailed King and two NCAA enforcement officials, David Price and LuAnn Humphrey, and asked them to cite the legislation that prohibits Anthony Komara from being a walk-on. Jackson said Tuesday he hasn't received a reply from Auburn or the NCAA.

Komara plans on transferring in hopes of playing elsewhere, and in the end, it appears the NCAA got its way after flexing its muscles.