Getting ready for Pitt at UConn

HARTFORD, Conn. -- Looking forward to watching Pitt tangle with UConn here at the XL Center in a little while. The Panthers have turned a lot of heads -- present company included -- with their 3-0 start in the league.

It's not hard to figure out what's different. Gilbert Brown and Jermaine Dixon are back. By the grace of good timing, I ran into assistant coach Tom Herrion in the hotel lobby this afternoon and he made the exact right point: it's like having men back in the lineup. Prior to their returns, the Panthers roster had a combined one start in their careers.

But Pitt will get an interesting test from the Huskies. This UConn team isn't as great as some of the legendary ones, but the Huskies like to get out and run and own a lot of speed and athleticism at every position and coming off a loss to Georgetown, you gotta think UConn comes out ready to play.