Jim Calhoun supports Cam Newton

UConn coach Jim Calhoun has insisted that despite an NCAA investigation into the program's recruiting violations, he is not a cheater.

And while discussing with WFAN what it has been like dealing with the controversy, Calhoun more than once alluded to the NCAA investigation into the recruitment of Heisman Trophy candidate Cam Newton at Auburn and the parallels in their situations.

"I guess the only irritating part is that there are certain things that all of us know and don't like being said," Calhoun said. "So I asked someone a question today, 'Why would someone bring up the academic possibilities of a kid like Cam Newton?' And he said, 'Well, simply, he's on top right now.'

"I tune in to watch Auburn because of him, and he should win the Heisman Trophy from what I've seen thus far. And yet it seems to me they're trying to bring out every other thing that has nothing to do with this one situation that I think the NCAA and the Southeast Conference and obviously Auburn is dealing with. But that seems to be happening more and more. I think one of the coaches of the year should be Butch Davis because of what's happened to him at North Carolina."

That people at the top are targeted by many who want to drag them down might be true, but doesn't that reinforce the idea that you shouldn't give them any improprieties to point out in the first place?