UT forward waits on bowling grade

(Update: It turns out, according GoVols.com, that Maymon will not be eligible to play this weekend despite having passed all of his classes. Thus far, it's unclear why hMaymon is going to be ineligible.)

My freshman-year college roommate took bowling. True story. If I remember correctly, the class was a little bit harder than he expected. In fact, the first exam tested students' abilities to keep their own bowling scores, which, OK, it's not exactly thermodynamics, but if you didn't study, that could be a little tough, right? (OK, maybe not.)

The point of this fond collegiate remembrance? Tennessee forward Jeronne Maymon is about to join the Volunteers' lineup after finishing up his NCAA-mandated transfer year. And the only thing Maymon needs to get eligible is, yes his grade in bowling.

UT sophomore power forward Jeronne Maymon said he'll be eligible to play in Saturday's game at No. 3-ranked Pittsburgh (9-0).

"All my grades are in; just need one to get posted on the main (web) site,'' the 6-foot-7, 258-pound Maymon said following Wednesday's practice. "It's exciting, but I'm also a little nervous about playing in the game.''

Maymon took and says he passed five classes in the fall semester; the final grade he's waiting to get posted and make his eligibility official is a bowling class that ended in October.

I'll skip all the tired clich├ęs about athletes taking silly classes to finish their academic requirements; after all, my roommate did the same thing, and he's far from a dumb jock. Bowling class is fun. All college kids should take it. No judgements here.

No, the best thing about this is the mental image it conjures. Imagine a 6-foot-6, 260-pound Division I athlete throwing on his bowling shoes and ripping a seemingly undersized bowling ball down the lanes next to a bunch of sleepy undergrads ... well, come on, that's just funny.