Josh Selby likely to come off bench

Yesterday, days before his arrival -- finally -- in a Jayhawks uniform, Josh Selby met with the media. He discussed his various trials and tribulations, his former relationship with Carmelo Anthony associate Bay Frazier, his current relationship with teammates and coaches, his desire to put his suspension behind him, and his hope that he wouldn't "mess up the chemistry" of the 9-0 Jayhawks.

There was also some hoops discussion mixed in. As Dana O'Neil reported yesterday, Selby will likely play many of his minutes off the ball as a combo scoring guard rather than a true point guard, at least until Kansas coach Bill Self is ready to hand over the keys to his motion high-low offense.

What wasn't confirmed yesterday was whether Selby would start. Turns out, he might not. From the Salina Journal:

“He’s getting all the reps with the first group now (at practice),” Self said, adding, “I don’t think I’m going to start him, even though I don’t have a ‘made-decision’ positively. I don’t think I will, because he has to beat somebody out. He needs to perform well in the games, and not just practice, but he’s going to give us some scoring punch."

Selby said he’ll embrace any role.

“I don’t mind not starting right away because I missed nine games. There’s players who played very well over those nine games who play the same position,” Selby said Monday. “I’m not worried at all. I just hope I can bring a lot of energy off the bench."

It was natural and obvious to wonder whether Selby would, as he said yesterday, "mess up" his team's fabled chemistry. Not only are the Jayhawks a proud, veteran group filled with players that have waited years for their shots at star turns, but they rely so much on intelligent ball movement and motion offense that it was easy to imagine a young, uber-talented point guard impressing with his individual skills while throwing Kansas collectively out of whack.

Those concerns seem less pertinent now. It's not as simple as merely plugging a talented player in and letting him figure things out on his own. Self gets that, and Selby certainly seems to agree.