Calipari, Self nominated for peace prize

Kentucky coach John Calipari and Kansas coach Bill Self are among the coaches who have been nominated for first United Nations NGO Positive Peace Awards to recognize those whose contributions in their communities exemplify and demonstrate the word "positive."

Calipari, IUPUI's Ron Hunter and South Dakota State's Scott Nagy were honored for their work with Samaritan's feet, which provides shoes for children in need.

Self was recognized for his work with the Boy Scouts of America, and Tennessee Tech's Mike Sutton was nominated his work with G.O. Ministries.

"Not only are these great coaches, but they are wonderful role models as well," Celebrate Positive president and CEO Scott Pederson said in a statement. "They make the world a more positive place in which to live."

Regarding Calipari, Pederson said, "Coach Calipari's positive impact goes beyond the Kentucky basketball community."