Mac Court gives way to Matt Court

Oregon's final game at historic McArthur Court will be tomorrow against Arizona State. The building is old-school awesome if you've ever visited and deserves a nice sendoff.

But the atmosphere at the game could be relatively dull given that the final game was scheduled for New Year's Day so the opening of Matthew Knight Arena wouldn't coincide with students away during the holidays and fans traveling to watch the football team in a bowl game, which ended up being the BCS title game.

It's the new crown jewel that's getting the love, and it's no surprise then that in the second-to-last game at Mac Court against Arizona on Thursday, the crowd was described as mellow, according to the Arizona Daily Star.

In a sense, it seemed like the old Mac Court was already gone.

There was no Phil Knight, no other celebrities sitting courtside to make a scene. In fact, four courtside seats sat empty.

And the Ducks' Pit Crew of students lost much of its potency, thanks to winter break and, well, a mediocre basketball team. The student section was only about half full, and the arena as a whole had maybe 7,000 fans in its 9,087 seats.

Things should pick up, of course, when Oregon introduces Matthew Knight Arena and its snazzy new court on Jan. 13 against USC. It's going to be a spectacular week-long celebration, with the Ducks expected to debut new uniforms, too.

And if you can't wait for it, KVAL-TV has video of the Kilkenny Floor being installed.