Don't worry: Josh Pastner didn't curse

Josh Pastner has a rather sterling reputation. When the baby-face former John Calipari assistant was first introduced as Memphis' head coach last season, and Yahoo!'s Jason King profiled the new coach amid his meteoric rise, King found that Pastner didn't curse, smoke, drink, or even imbibe caffeinated beverages, which is entirely unbelievable to me, because I can't imagine my life without caffeine. But that's Pastner's reputation, and it is well-deserved.

But wait ... Josh Pastner was assessed a technical foul in Sunday's 91-86 home scare against Tennessee State. Did Pastner, in an entirely understandable moment of human frustration, break his vaunted history of clean language?

Of course not. You may curse profusely every time you lose a ranked match in NBA2K11, but Pastner is not as weak as you. He straightened that much out at the beginning of his postgame media session Sunday night:

"I didn't even say 'dangit.'" Scandal!

Anyway, that's settled, then. Pastner does not use dirty words, even when he gets technical fouls. Pastner wasn't aware (nor was I) that you could get a technical foul without throwing at least one or two naughty words into the mix. (If you're going to get teed up, you might as well have some fun doing so.) But apparently you can.

So it was that Pastner's squeaky clean reputation lived on. I'll toast a caffeine free Diet Coke to that.

(Hat tip: The Dagger)