UNC walk-ons prank John Henson's car

Ah, walk-ons. They're clever, aren't they?

In the storied tradition of Mark Titus and Club Trillion comes your prank of the day, courtesy of five UNC walk-ons who refer to themselves as "Blue Steel." (Great Zoolander reference! "I INVENTED THE PIANO KEY NECKTIE!" Never forget.) Blue Steel, pranksters that they are, decided to cover North Carolina forward John Henson's car with the most sticky notes you'll see this side of a disorganized blogger's computer monitor. The result -- which Blue Steel filmed and posted to its Twitter account -- is a rather high-quality piece of prankdom.

Oh, but don't worry. Blue Steel's reign of terror has not gone unnoticed. Tweeting earlier today, John Henson said simply this: "revenge will be sweet. JUSTTTTT WAITTTT." John, whatever you do to get the Blue Steel boys back, please film it and send it out via Twitter, OK? Thanks.

(Hat tips: Jeff Goodman, The Dagger)