Hart dissed by Purdue scorekeeper

Tuesday night, Purdue redshirt freshman John Hart came off the bench to play 18 minutes and score 14 points, a major boost for a Purdue team charged with overcoming a deficit on the road at Big Ten rival Illinois. Before Tuesday night, Hart was averaging 1.1 points in 4.7 minutes per game. These simple facts should tell you one thing: This was John Hart's night! The Hart show is in town! Finally, the Hart HAS COME BACK to the BOILERMAKER LINEUP! Because he's like The Rock? See what I did there? Any early-aughts wrestling fans in the house? No?

The Rock never got dissed quite this badly, at least not without giving someone The People's Elbow as retribution: When Hart came off the bench and made his fourth field goal attempt Tuesday night, Purdue was assessed a technical foul and Illinois was given two shots and the ball. Why? Because Purdue's scorekeepers forgot to list Hart on the scoresheet. They literally forgot their own player. Oof.

Of course, they (and we) know who Hart is now, because his performance was a major boost for a Purdue team that desperately needed to break their three-game slide in Big Ten play. Which they did. So after the game, the Boilers all made sure to personally thank their underappreciated, totally popular, completely likable teammate ... wait. Who were we talking about again? Robbie Hummel? That Robbie Hummel sure is good, huh?