Green Bay guard breaks half-court record

Even if you're a hardcore hoops head, it's unlikely you've ever heard of Green Bay guard Eric Valentin. That, friends, is about to change.

Why? Because Valentin is a world-record holder, and not just in any old record. As of this week, Valentin is the new world record-holder for half-court shots made in a minute. Valentin hit eight -- yes, eight -- half-court shots inside 60 seconds, which topped the previous record of seven set by a student at Washington State last April.

And yes, there's video. And yes, that video is as awesome as you'd think. Observe:

Thrilling stuff. It appeared Valentin was struggling, but a late rally -- not to mention the last-second run-off make -- redeemed the video and earned him a rather obscure, but totally enviable, Guinness World Record. And how cool is it that Valentin knows whether or not a half-court shot is going in? It's like a free throw. In fact, I'm pretty sure Valentin's half-court shot percentage is higher than Kansas State's free throw mark.

Anyway, a new bar has been set. Notice to bored undergrads everywhere: Your move.

(Hat tip: FanHouse, The Dagger, all five people who sent this to me, etc.)