Graffiti a form of Wright State expression

Crosstown rivalries involve plenty of passion from the fans, and sometimes it can be a bit irrational.

And then there's this.

Someone is so fired up that Dayton and Wright State don't play each other that according to WDTN-TV, the individual has painted graffiti (or is it street art?) on the side of a building, reading "Why is UD afraid 2 play Wright St?"

But 13 years since their last meeting, fans are still passionate about the rivalry.

Graffiti found on the side of a building at the U.S. 35, I-75 interchange says make it happen.

An apparent Raider fan who wants to see a Gem City Jam revival took a shot at the Flyers with a boldly painted question sprawled across the building.

That's a great way to call out your rival, if you're into defacing buildings in a subversive style. Is it the work of the notorious Banksy? Probably not.

But some basketball out there cares enough about the rivalry, showing that yes, Dayton -- site of the NCAA tournament's First Four -- is a great college basketball town.