The Jimmer takes over POY straw poll


At this point, it seems difficult to imagine Jimmer Fredette won't win the national player of the year award. Not only has The Jimmer been playing brilliantly all season, but he's developed that unique sort of cachet that stretches beyond college basketball's hazy borders and into the general sporting hive mind. He's a celebrity now. None of his competitors for the award can claim as much.

It's no surprise, then, to see Fredette take a major lead in Mike Rothstein's AnnArbor.com national player of the year straw poll. (For the uninitiated, Rothstein's poll asks 59 voters for the various POY awards to cast their votes pre-emptively and predictively.) This is the third straw poll Rothstein has conducted this season but the first in which Fredette has overtaken previous No. 1 candidate Kemba Walker.

In fact, with 67 points and only five first-place votes, Walker has fallen all the way to third. Jared Sullinger deservedly gets the second-place nod with 114 points and 16 first-place votes, and Fredette's first-place spot comes on the strength of 37 first-place votes and 149 total poll points.

At this point, it's hard to see Walker keeping up his candidacy, but you can certainly make a comprehensive and persuasive case for Sullinger over Fredette. Believe "best player on the best team" is a criteria for selection? Sullinger's team is undefeated at 24-0. Prefer individual accomplishments? Sullinger's individual performance, while certainly not as eye-opening (or thrilling) on a game-by-game basis as Fredette's, has been consistently excellent throughout the entire season.

In any case, if we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times: This is Fredette's year. It would follow that the various player of the year honors appear to be his to lose. Hey, one thousand Facebook comments can't be wrong.