The Jimmer inspires 'Court Intruder Song'

BYU star Jimmer Fredette has met his match when it comes to Internet popularity, and now the powers of The Jimmer, Internet sensation Antoine Dodson, and Auto-Tune are joining forces and making beautiful music together.

For all the attention that Dodson's television news rantings got, it was the "Bed Intruder Song" that became a viral music video and the subject of numerous covers and remixes.

So, here's a video created by Stephen Jones and Scott Winn of a fake newscast and a character named "Andy Dodsmith" telling the world that "Obviously, we have a Jimmer..." before singing the praises of Fredette (lyrics listed below).

He's drainin' all his free throws

He's layin' the b-ball up

Tryin' to make it, so ya'll need to

Tell yer friends, tell yer wife (x 3)

And tell Dickie V cuz he's averagin' 28 in here

But your dream's the NBA draft

We'll be lookin' for you

They gon' sign you, They gon' sign you

So you can go and chase that, go and chase that, go and chase that

Homeboy, home, home, homeboy

I've seen your jumper and your crossover and all

You are so good, you are really good, fo real

You are really really really really so good

Jimmer Fredette breaks ankles with his crossovers

So good, so good, so good, Sooooo