Michigan suspends Harris before Purdue tilt

That's the word out of Ann Arbor, where Harris was disciplined during practice and will not play during Michigan's game at Purdue today. Via USA Today:

Michigan guard Manny Harris has been suspended for what his coach described as an act of unsportsmanlike conduct during practice. Coach John Beilein announced the suspension Saturday ahead of the Wolverines' game at Purdue. Beilein said in a statement that Harris "used poor judgment" on Friday and it would be "best for Manny's future" if he didn't play.

This seems, um, bad. (Trenchant observation, right?) Not only bad for Michigan in the near-term -- the Wolverines' odds of pulling off an upset at Purdue just got even longer -- but bad for Harris and John Beilein and Michigan in general for the rest of the season. Beilein says he will meet with Harris after Saturday's game and determine whether he can return to the team for Tuesday's game versus Michigan State. If that kind of meeting is necessary, this doesn't seem like a token Tom Izzo practice suspension. This seems bad.

Then again, Izzo's quasi-suspension of Kalin Lucas earlier this season sort of seemed like a big deal, too, and Lucas and Izzo have been just fine since. So maybe it's not a big deal. Cliché alert, but only time will tell.