UK fans bombard Renardo Sidney's phone

A year ago today, Mississippi State fans acquired Kentucky forward DeMarcus Cousins's cell phone number. Naturally, they proceeded to call Cousins non-stop, and they even sprinkled in a few racist, sexist and anti-gay slurs just for good measure. Cousins handled the nonsense well; he took to answering his phone to have conversations with the rare brand of whackjob that thinks harassing a 19-year-old athletic rival is just good fun.

If Kentucky fans were outraged at this sort of behavior last year -- and many of them seemed to be, and rightfully so -- they didn't do a very good job showing it Tuesday. Because, yes, UK fans managed to get Renardo Sidney's number Tuesday, and according to the Clarion-Ledger's Brandon Marcello, Sidney was bombarded with calls and messages from Kentucky area codes throughout the day. Sidney, who couldn't possibly afford another off-court incident, did the smart thing: he never answered.

The messages have been characterized as "nasty," but Mississippi State guard Dee Bost told the Lexington NBC affiliate that there weren't any racist remarks left for Sidney. Bost also said he didn't think the retribution effort worked.

It's almost tempting to give Big Blue Nation credit for avoiding the racist stuff; that's something Bulldogs fans apparently couldn't do last year. But giving UK fans "credit" for leaking an amateur (ahem) athlete's cell phone number, and then dialing that number incessantly, would not be the appropriate reaction. Frankly, I don't understand why this ever happens. I suppose it's not surprising; Tuesday isn't the first time this has happened, nor is it the most high-profile case. But I will never understand the psychology of the college sports fan who thinks this sort of thing is a good idea. It's just ... strange. Do you know anyone who would do this? Probably not, right? And yet, these people exist. It's mystifying.

Anyway, Kentucky got a surprisingly hard-fought win, Sidney had a decent but largely mediocre game, and now he can change his cell phone number and hope it doesn't wind up in the hands of opponents again anytime soon. Just another day in college hoops, I guess.