Cousy Award flip-flops on Jordan Taylor

Wisconsin point guard Jordan Taylor wasn't named one of the 10 finalists for the Cousy Award, but a huge game in an upset win against top-ranked Ohio State has changed some minds.

The Basketball Hall of Fame, which oversees the award for the nation's top collegiate point guard, has added Taylor as an 11th finalist because he played his way onto the list, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

UW coach Bo Ryan, who publicly downplayed Taylor's omission from the list of 10 finalists, is a member of the committee that will help select the winner.

However, a source explained that the Hall of Fame contacted UW to let Ryan know Taylor had been added to the list and that Ryan had nothing to do with the addition.

ESPN.com's Andy Katz reported Ryan had actually recently talked to Cousy himself about what makes a good point guard, with Ryan saying, "Jordan Taylor is exactly what Cousy was talking about." And Ryan wasn't the only member of the team to notice the omission.

After Taylor had 27 points and seven assists against the Buckeyes on Saturday, teammate Jon Leuer said of the Cousy Award finalists list, "I thought that he should have definitely been on that. When I heard about that I almost thought it was a joke. He is the best point guard in the Big Ten and maybe the best point guard in the nation. He deserves all the recognition he gets."