Reminder: No dunking in warm-ups

January, 23, 2010
How does a team gain a 1-0 lead before a game even starts? It's simple, actually: The opposing team dunked in warm-ups. (Raise your hand if you saw that coming. OK, put your hands down. You're making me feel bad.)

That's what happened in the Middle Tennessee-Western Kentucky game today, when Middle Tennessee's Trevor Ottley broke the little-known but still apparently enforced no dunking in warm-ups rule. Ottley went ahead and flushed in the layup lines; the referees assessed MTSU with a technical foul, Western Kentucky's A.J. Slaughter knocked down one of two, and thus the scoreboard read 1-0 with 20:00 minutes remaining. Kind of cool, right?

This isn't the first time this has happened this season: Division III school Augustana (shout-out to the Quad-Cities!) did the same thing against Gonzaga on Dec. 9. The lesson here: Know the rulebook! Assistant coaches, this means you; spend less time telling players to get away from the sideline during excited moments, and more time reminding them that dunking before the game starts is naughty. See? Problem solved.



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