Jacob Pullen's wrist merely bruised

While it didn't exactly bode well for the Longhorns, for Kansas State, the win at Texas Monday night felt a little like a coronation. Finally, after months of disappointment and distraction, Jacob Pullen and the Kansas State Wildcats were officially back.

It was a good-news night any way you slice it. Other than Pullen's swollen wrist, that is.

Pullen injured his wrist late in K-State's 75-70 victory in Austin, Tex., though he remained on the floor and (somehow) stayed productive despite being forced to use his weaker left hand during the closing minutes. That's remarkable in and of itself, of course, but K-State fans would be less thrilled by late-game heroics if it meant their resurgent star was going to miss significant portions of the postseason with a broken wrist.

Turns out, Pullen's wrist isn't broken. At least it doesn't seem to be. From the Kansas City Star:

"They didn't see anything that looked like a break," [Jacob's father] Jerome Pullen said. "He was in a little bit of pain, but when I talked to him this morning he said, 'It doesn't look like it's anything. They can't see anything right now.'"

[...] K-State is now confirming that Jacob Pullen has been cleared to play Saturday's game against Iowa State. The school is classifying his injury as a bruise. He is not expected to miss any practice time.

Kansas State fans: You may now take your collective sigh of relief. Drink it in. It always goes down smooth.