UGA's Travis Leslie is good at dunking

This weekend, while Peanut Butter Kid was busy grossing out everyone in Athens, Georgia's Travis Leslie was doing one of the more impressive in-game breakaway dunks I've ever seen. Check the video here. It's the first highlight, when Leslie gets a steal in the open court and does a reverse double-clutch legs-splayed dunk to rival anything you'll see in the NBA dunk contest in a few weeks.

This isn't the first time Leslie has demonstrated his dunking brilliance; his nasty slam over Kentucky's DeMarcus Cousins remains in the running for dunk of the year. But as the old saying goes: One awesome dunk is chance; two awesome dunks is ... um, I think I have this koan wrong. Whatever. Travis Leslie is awesome at dunking the basketball into the orange hoop. Let's just leave it at that.