Rating the conferences: From 1 to 32

As the NCAA Tourney gets ready to kick off, here is a look at how the conferences currently stack up according to ESPN’s Stats and Information.

As has been the case for weeks, the Big East slightly edges the Big Ten as the top conference. What is interesting is how the Big Ten actually has better computer numbers heading into the Big Dance. The Big East regains its lead, however, thanks to much stronger poll numbers.

The race between the two conferences is close enough where whoever has a stronger postseason (not just the NCAA’s) will likely finish as the best conference this season. Potential Big Ten/Big East matchups between Ohio State and Villanova as well as Purdue and Georgetown appear to be must wins for the Big Ten if they want to catch the leaders.

Another interesting debate is between the Pac-10 and SEC. The first round match between Georgia and Washington gives the SEC a great chance to close the gap early in the postseason.

Expect a lot of changes in the rankings as nearly all games from here on out will be inter-conference.

ESPN Stats and Information Conference Rankings