Tournament Challenge: No more perfection

March, 19, 2011
Out of the 5.9 million brackets entered into this year's Tournament Challenge, there are exactly zero left that are perfect heading into the weekend. There were just two remaining after Illinois beat UNLV on Friday night, but both of those were done in once VCU routed Georgetown.

After the round of 64, there are 19 brackets that missed just one game (31-1) and 472 that missed just two games (30-2). Of those that missed just one game, 14 of them missed Morehead State's upset of Louisville.

As for President Barack Obama, he went 15-1 on Friday (only missing VCU over Georgetown) and finished the round of 64 at 29-3. His was among the 10,784 brackets to miss just three games, and the President's 290 points is in the 100th percentile and places him in a tie for 492nd overall.

A few other stats:

-- Only 16.1 percent of brackets picked 11-seed VCU to beat 6-seed Georgetown (users were not asked to pick the winner of Wednesday's VCU-USC game).
-- Conversely, 42.2 percent of brackets picked Marquette to beat Xavier (also an 11-seed over a 6-seed)
-- This weekend's biggest longshots to reach the Sweet 16 and what percentage of participants picked it:

Morehead State: 1.4 percent
Illinois: 1.9 percent
George Mason: 2.1 percent
VCU: 2.4 percent
Michigan: 2.4 percent
Butler: 4.8 percent
Richmond: 6.6 percent

Notable celebrity brackets:
President Obama: 290 points
Dick Vitale: 250 points
Colin Cowherd: 240 points
Michelle Beadle: 230 points
Mike Greenberg: 230 points
Matthew Berry: 220 points
Tony Kornheiser: 220 points
Snoop Dogg: 220 points
Michael Wilbon: 220 points
Mike Golic: 200 points
Bill Simmons: 190 points



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