Updated: Tournament Challenge numbers

Butler's upset of No. 1 seed Pittsburgh created some ripples in Tournament Challenge. Here are some notable stats after Saturday's action:

  • Out of 5.9 million brackets, only 807 had all eight of Saturday's games correct. In addition, 36,593 brackets got 7 of 8 right, while 28,416 had zero games right.

  • None of the 19 brackets that went 31-1 in the first round were perfect on Saturday. However, two of those one-loss brackets from the first round lost just once on Saturday and are among the three brackets currently tied for the overall lead in the game (but one of the leaders lost a Final Four team in Kansas State).

  • Just 4.8 percent of Tournament Challenge brackets (284,956) had Butler reaching the Sweet 16. Two percent have Butler and Wisconsin facing off in the Sweet 16.

  • Overall, 31,208 brackets (0.5 percent) picked BOTH Butler and Richmond in the Sweet 16.

  • Users were least confident in Pittsburgh of the four No. 1 seeds winning it all, picked in 6.2 percent of brackets. But 91.5 percents of the brackets did have the Panthers reaching the Sweet 16 and 50.4 percent to the Final Four (all the lowest of the four No. 1 seeds).

  • President Barack Obama officially went 5-3 Saturday and is in the 99.8th percentile in the game. However, he lost his first Final Four team when Pittsburgh fell to Butler.

Notable Brackets:

President Obama: 390 points, 99.8 percentile

Colin Cowherd: 360 points, 94.0 percentile

Dick Vitale: 330 points, 73.3 percentile -- had Pittsburgh in title game

Mike Greenberg: 310 points, 50.5 percentile

Michael Wilbon: 300 points, 39.0 percentile

Mike Golic: 280 points, 20.2 percentile

Matthew Berry: 280 points, 20.2 percentile -- had Pittsburgh winning it all

Tony Kornheiser: 280 points, 20.2 percentile

Bill Simmons: 270 points, 13.7 percentile

Michelle Beadle: 230 points, 2.4 percentile