Tournament Challenge update: It's ugly

Kentucky's win over No. 1 overall seed Ohio State, as well as a victory by No. 11 seed VCU, means no bracket picked the entire Elite Eight and just 89 brackets (out of 5.9 million) got seven of eight right.

While 16 percent of entries did pick Kentucky to reach the Elite Eight, 78.6 percent had Ohio State making it that far and 25.9 percent had the Buckeyes winning it all -- the most popular pick in Tournament Challenge. The most popular pick to win it all now is Kansas, the champion on 23.7 percent of brackets.

In addition to the 89 people who got seven of eight correct, just 5,447 (0.09 percent) of brackets got six of eight correct. A total of 160,888 brackets had none of the Elite Eight correct. Altogether, 4.94 million brackets (83.4 percent) have three or fewer teams correct in the Elite Eight.

The current leader got seven of eight Elite Eight teams (missing only Butler). This bracket has North Carolina winning it all.

East Region

  • While 16 percent of brackets had Kentucky in the Elite Eight, 45.7 percent had UNC reaching that round. All told, 7.9 percent of brackets have a North Carolina-Kentucky matchup in the Elite Eight. Of those brackets, 57.3 percent picked the Tar Heels to win that game.

  • Ohio State was the most popular pick to win it all but was the second-most popular pick behind Kansas to reach the Elite Eight (78.6 percent), Final Four (59.5 percent) and championship game (39.2 percent).

Southwest Region

  • Kansas is the last No. 1 seed remaining. The Jayhawks were picked on 79.8 percent of brackets to reach the Elite Eight and on 61.6 percent to reach the Final Four.

  • Just 13,006 brackets (0.2 percent) had Kansas and Virginia Commonwealth meeting in the Elite Eight. Only 15.2 percent of those brackets (1,976) have VCU beating KU in that matchup.

The Elite Eight

Percentage of brackets picking each Elite Eight team to reach different levels of the tournament (percent in Final Four/in title game/winning it all):

  • Kansas: 61.6/49/23.7

  • Connecticut: 23.1/9.3/4.7

  • North Carolina: 16.2/7.3/4

  • Florida: 15.9/4.3/1.3

  • Kentucky: 8/3.3/1.8

  • Arizona: 1.4/0.5/0.2

  • Butler: 0.6/0.2/0.07 (4,325 total)

  • VCU: 0.1/0.04/0.02 (1,023 total)

Most popular title-game matchups still in play:

  • Connecticut vs. Kansas: 4.5 percent

  • North Carolina vs. Kansas: 3.1 percent

  • Kentucky vs. Kansas: 1.3 percent

  • North Carolina vs. Florida: 0.5 percent

  • Connecticut vs. Florida: 0.3 percent

Picks for national champion still in play:

  • Kansas: 23.7 percent

  • Connecticut: 4.7 percent

  • North Carolina: 4.0 percent

  • Kentucky: 1.8 percent

  • Florida: 1.3 percent

  • Arizona: 0.2 percent

  • Butler: 0.1 percent

  • VCU: 0.02 percent (1,023)

Most picked combination to reach the Final Four of the remaining teams:

  • North Carolina, Connecticut, Kansas, Florida: 22,013 brackets (0.4 percent)

  • Kentucky, Connecticut, Kansas, Florida: 11,246 brackets (0.2 percent)

  • There are no brackets that picked the combination of Arizona, Kentucky, VCU and Butler (the four lower-seeded teams remaining in each bracket) in the Final Four.

President Barack Obama's bracket:

  • Obama lost one of his national championship finalists when Ohio State fell to Kentucky. Overall, he went 2-2 on Friday. He has four of his Elite Eight teams left (North Carolina, Kansas, Connecticut, Florida) but just one Final Four team left (Kansas, his pick to win it all).

  • Despite losing three of his Final Four teams, he's still in the 99.7th percentile of the game, his 650 points ranking him 16,191st overall.

Notable Brackets:

  • President Obama: 650 points, 99.7 percentile

  • Colin Cowherd: 560 points, 86 percentile

  • Mike Golic: 500 points, 55 percentile

  • Snoop Dogg: 500 points, 55 percentile

  • Michael Wilbon: 480 points, 42.7 percentile

  • Mike Greenberg: 450 points, 26.4 percentile

  • Dick Vitale: 450 points, 26.4 percentile

  • Bill Simmons: 430 points, 17.8 percentile

  • Tony Kornheiser: 420 points, 14.4 percentile

  • Matthew Berry: 420 points, 14.4 percentile

  • Michelle Beadle: 350 points, 2.9 percentile

  • Henry Hasselbeck (Matt Hasselbeck's son): He correctly picked both Kansas and Kentucky (his national-title winner) to reach the Elite Eight but missed North Carolina and VCU (although he did pick VCU and Florida State to reach the Sweet 16). He has four of his Elite Eight teams remaining and has 690 points. He is now in 1,694th place after entering Friday's action ranked 662nd overall, still in the 100th percentile overall.