Don't remember this book by its ending

HOUSTON -- This game, this historic poor shooting, is not how Butler's improbable two-year run should be remembered.

In case this is the last we've seen of the Bulldogs in the Final Four for awhile, then try to wipe from your memory the horrid offensive performance that was on display at Reliant Stadium Monday night in a 53-41 national championship loss to the Connecticut Huskies.

"Butler is amazing,'' said UConn junior and Final Four most outstanding player Kemba Walker. "Everybody says Cinderella and stuff like that. I think other schools are going to really look at Butler and think they have a shot too. Butler has a great coach. Coach [Brad] Stevens is one of the best coaches in the collegiate level at this point.''

The admiration and respect Butler and Stevens have received over the last two postseasons from coaching colleagues and players is really unmatched for a team that is a two-time runner-up.

If you're a fan of the "little guy," try to put in perspective what Butler has done in the past two seasons and it'll make it a little easier to digest that horror show in Houston.

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