UConn's title win a sore sight

HOUSTON -- It was a fun NCAA tournament.

It was a fun NCAA tournament.

It was a fun NCAA tournament.

Keep saying that for as long as it takes to rid your brain of the memory of how it ended. Otherwise, you might be scarred for life.

Through the first 66 games of the biggest and arguably wildest tourney ever, there was an abundance of excitement and drama and surprise. Then they played game No. 67, and the thing ended with a bomb of historic proportion. Connecticut capped its quantum leap from ninth place in the Big East to first place in America by beating bricklaying Butler 53-41 on Monday night, in a game that was so train-wreck terrible to watch it set the sport back to the hook-shot days.

Actually, that's an insult to the hook-shot days. Even back then, the ball went in the basket more often than it did in Reliant Stadium. The teams' combined field goal percentage of 26.1 was the worst in a title game since 1948, when Kentucky and Baylor shot a collective 25.9 percent but scored six more points without benefit of a 3-point line or a shot clock.

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