Miami wants coach to be 'a positive person'

Miami introduced new athletic director Shawn Eichorst on Tuesday, and the man directing the search for the new basketball coach outlined the type of person he wants.

"We will do what's necessary, and we will exhaust all resources to find a basketball coach that will fit what Miami needs at this time," Eichorst told reporters (video from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel). "It will be a fundamentally sound person who is positive and treats young people with the utmost respect, and we will take as much time as we need in order to find that person."

According to the Sun-Sentinel, Eichorst later added, "I want our kids to be treated in a very respectful and loving manner. I want a positive person. I don't like negative people. I want a coach who's going to respect the game and the way the game should be played."

The obvious question is, does that mean fiery Kansas State coach and Miami native Frank Martin won't be considered as part of that criteria? Sun-Sentinel beat writer Steve Gorten thinks Eichorst indicated Martin has no shot at the job, and the Palm Beach Post noted that possibility.

Martin would probably stare back and characterize his tough-love approach as a positive thing for his players. "Every kid wants discipline,” he told the Kansas City Star in December. "Every kid wants structure. They might tell you they don't, but they realize they don't understand right and wrong. They are looking for someone to help guide them. Anyone who says differently doesn’t know a thing about education."

Martin has indicated he would listen if Miami called, and the school apparently has not done so.

"I've had numerous friends call me, countless people in that community begging me to go back home," he said. "The one thing that's unfair to the University of Miami is that all the media people, locally and nationally, are saying it's not a good job. And that's not right. But UM never called. So I have no idea. And I'm not pursuing other jobs. I've never chased a job in my life."