Morehead State still milking tourney win

And, really, why not? When you're a little-known mid-major, and you win a game as big as Kenneth Faried and company did in this year's NCAA tournament -- when the No. 13-seeded Eagles upset Louisville on a game-winning three by Demonte Harper -- you have to take some time and savor that flavor.

That's exactly what the Eagles' marketing and promotions staff has done. Morehead State purchased and erected six billboards on highways throughout the Bluegrass State, all of which feature a photo of a jubilant Eagles team celebrating the Louisville upset, accompanied by the slogan "More Than A Game." That may sound trite, but the billboards are in Kentucky, so if they're trite they're also 100 percent accurate. A photo of the billboard is here.

The billboards serve more than one function, of course. Sure, they promote the Morehead basketball program. But they also create a little in-state rivalry with the Cardinals, and they give Kentucky fans large, public ways to taunt their hated Louisville brethren. Advantage: Morehead State. (Your move, Hilltoppers.)