Royce White says goodbye. Again.

It's uncertain whether troubled Minnesota freshman forward Royce White is really serious -- maybe he's just frustrated like another freshman you might have heard of -- but either way, White's situation keeps devolving, and the results are anything but good for Tubby Smith's disappointing Gophers.

You may remember White from his now-legendary YouTube video in which he "quit" college basketball. That came after White was implicated in the theft of a laptop from a dorm room. White maintains his innocence.

White was back in the fold for Tubby Smith in recent weeks -- apparently the retirement didn't take -- but has yet to play a game this season. Those chances are getting worse by the day, and this doesn't help: After a courtroom appearance yesterday, White told reporters at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune that he would be withdrawing from Minnesota for good because he can't trust the campus police. That sound you hear is Smith banging his head against his desk.

Has White played this card before? Yes. Does he really mean it this time? Who knows? Either way it's bad for the Gophers, because even if White stays he's likely to miss even more of what should have been a promising freshman season. Instead, White's most promising performance came thanks to Final Cut Pro. This has not gone well. For anybody.