Wally Judge lands at Rutgers

There are always high stakes in any coaching hire, especially one involving a program like Maryland, one popularly perceived as a sleeping giant. But there are always small stakes, too.

File this bit of information under the latter: Former Kansas State forward Wally Judge has decided he will transfer to Rutgers.

What does that have to do with Maryland? Everything, actually. Judge, a former McDonald's All-American and marquee recruit for Kansas State coach Frank Martin, had narrowed his final two transfer choices to Rutgers and Maryland. But Judge, a D.C.-area native, was considering transferring to Maryland to play for former coach Gary Williams. Williams's retirement threw a wrench into those spokes, and after waiting to see who the new Maryland hire would be, Judge soon picked Rutgers.

The 6-foot-9, 248 pound forward has yet to prove he can consistently contribute at the college level, and he struggled to prove his worth amid a variety of issues under Martin at K-State. He won't change the face of Rutgers basketball. But the big man is talented (and, you know, big). If he can improve his game in workouts and practices during his required transfer sit-out year in 2012, he could be a valuable piece on Mike Rice's 2012 team, one that by that point will have one of 2011's best recruiting classes rounding into form as sophomores.