Tad Boyle holds steady at Colorado

Colorado hired Tad Boyle a year ago to take over a struggling program, and he managed to take the Buffaloes to a record-setting season for wins and nearly lead them into the NCAA tournament.

It was a good season that generated some buzz for the Buffs, and during the offseason, Boyle had his name brought up during the Oklahoma and Texas A&M coaching searches. His name being floated out there was a sign of respect for what he had managed to achieve in his lone season in the Big 12 -- Colorado being relevant.

As the Buffs leave for the Pac-12, another strong season in what is expected to be a bridge year could start providing answers to the lingering question of whether Boyle will stick around for the long-term.

From the Denver Post:

This year probably wasn’t great timing anyway with his arrival at CU barely a calendar year old. But know this: Colorado is probably going to have to do what it can to up the financial ante if it intends on retaining Boyle past this season and early indications are it will. With incentives Boyle makes just north of $735,000. Don’t be surprised if eventually that number gets pushed to the brink of $1 million or, pardon the pun, a tad more.

It’s new territory for a university a little more familiar with firing its coaches of late than having to battle to keep them. But in one season Boyle went from a relative unknown to being on the brink of a bonafide hot commodity.

Given the losses the other teams in the league suffered with early entrants leaving school, Pac-12 success is certainly within reach next season even as the Buffs themselves lose top talent Alec Burks to the NBA draft.

Boyle adds Utah transfer Carlon Brown to the mix in 2011-12 after the 6-foot-5 guard had previously led the Utes in scoring. The Buffs also have a highly regarded recruiting class on its way.

Those are all reasons why Boyle should feel good about his future and his chances at Colorado. It'll be up to the school down the road to do what it takes to keep him.