Jimmer Time, video game edition

Fellow basketball video game enthusiasts will be familiar with the term "video game numbers." Video game numbers (or VGNs, my just-made-up abbreviation for the term) most commonly occur when one team has a particularly unstoppable offensive player -- think Carmelo Anthony here -- and the user controlling that team is more than content to shoot every shot with that one particularly unstoppable offensive player. VGNs can also arrise from happenstance: One time, in college, my buddy somehow scored like 55 points in a 75-point game with, of all people, Mike Dunleavy. Needless to say, I lost that game.

As KSL5 TV in Salt Lake City reminds us, nobody in recent college hoops history "embodied the term 'video game numbers' quite like Jimmer Fredette." In that vein, KSL5 created the following video. It's a classic Fredette highlight reel mixed with enough fast-twitch old-school game effects that a seizure warning should come standard. In other words, it's pretty great:

"Boomshakalaka!" No good hoops/video game tribute video should ever exist without it.

(Hat tip: The Dagger)