Real Billy Gillispie actually joins Twitter

News of a college coach jumping into the Twitter fray is nothing to get too excited about. At this point, it's practically standing operating procedure.

New Texas Tech coach Billy Gillispie's Twitter feed -- which he officially launched Friday -- will no doubt follow the time-tested pattern. There will be lots of news about events and fundraisers, lots of solidarity with local sporting teams and lots of enthusiasm-related hashtags. The first, "#GunsUp," has already been used by Gillispie more than once.

So why mention Gillispie's feed? Call it a matter of public service. Few coaches, if any, have the same number of fake Twitter profiles created in their (dis)honor. A quick search yields at least six fake Gillispie Twitter accounts. Some are called "Fake Billy Gillispie." Some fail to include that all-important moniker. Most, I'm guessing, were created by Kentucky fans, who seem to lead the way in fake college hoops Twitter accounts. (Yes, I'm still miffed that inconspicuously fake Enes Kanter account tricked me. Never forget.)

Anyway, in case you were confused, the new Gillispie feed is the real deal. Whether it will be more interesting than the fakes is up for debate. But hey, at least we know.