Frank Martin keeps watch over his players

Kansas State coach Frank Martin got with the times last month and joined Twitter. He said he did it primarily to share his thoughts with the fans and fellow coaches, many of whom are young in the business and looking to learn a thing or two about how he runs his program.

Martin, as he's discovered, has also been able to learn first-hand what Twitter's all about so that he might be able to better advise his players about the good and the bad of putting things out there in a public forum. He currently follows a few of his players and is able to keep tabs on what they're messaging.

"What's interesting is in the past I monitor Twitter as I did with Facebook, but I didn't see what they put on on a daily basis," Martin said. "Now I do. I feel more comfortable being able to articulate to them the pluses and minuses of social networking."

Star guard Jacob Pullen was among the team's most active on Twitter during his career, including tweets about from his emotions after being suspended for receiving impermissible benefits. Players on the current team now know Martin will be monitoring (if not staring at) what they put on their feeds.

Aside from social networking, Martin also said he continues to use headlines from around college sports to highlight positive and negative situations that players can get themselves into.

"I'm about doing everything in my power to help them understand the dos and the don’ts," Martin said. "It's not about dominating their lives. It's about educating them the best we can to help them make decisions."