Another Calhoun gives UConn his verbal

We don't cover every little recruiting decision in these parts -- that stuff is best left to experts like Dave Telep and Paul Biancardi -- but I have to say, this one caught my eye. The words "Calhoun" and "Connecticut" can do that, I guess.

Yes, the UConn Huskies appear to be adding another Calhoun to their stable. It's not Jim, the legendary coach, nor is it a relative of any sort. Rather, it seems Omar Calhoun -- the No. 38-ranked player in the class of 2012 -- committed to Connecticut Friday. Calhoun considered North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Kentucky, West Virginia, Villanova, Seton Hall and Rutgers, but ended up choosing the Huskies thanks to an extremely positive recent visit with the coaching staff, as Omar Calhoun, Sr., the player's father, told Telep today. And guess what? There's even more positive Coach Calhoun-related news for Huskies fans here:

Calhoun's father saw a renewed passion in the Hall of Fame coach and it rubbed off on his son. It was the head coach's approach that swayed him into making a decision before the summer.

"It was the passion that Coach Calhoun demonstrated, an excitement that he brought to the table," said Calhoun Sr. "It was the energy level that he spoke with and the determination that you saw in his eyes to win another championship. You felt like he was in it for the long haul."

How long will that haul be? Only Jim Calhoun seems to know. Many predicted he would retire later this offseason, but the commitment of highly ranked 2011 small forward DeAndre Daniels -- not to mention Daniels's assertion that the coach said he wouldn't be retiring this year -- did much to squash that notion. Now Huskies fans can consider the possibility that the 69-year-old coach might have more than one more year left in the tank.

Let's review the past few days for Huskies fans. Their program received two commitments from touted recruits and, as a bonus, two separate assertions that their Hall of Fame coach was dedicated to staying at the program longer than most anticipated. Talk about a good news week. And the "Calhoun commits to Calhoun" thing? Merely more icing on the cake.