Kevin Broadus is back at Georgetown

A little ways back, the Washington City Paper's Dave McKenna wrote a story detailing what one source told him was an oncoming "bloodbath" in the Washington, D.C., college hoops recruiting scene. The story made plenty of sense: Maryland's hire of Dalonte Hill meant the Terps were looking to lock up D.C. and Baltimore talent. George Washington and Howard were even getting in on the act.

Which, of course, meant Georgetown couldn't be far behind. The rumors at the time involved the return of former Georgetown assistant and reputed (and now-unemployed) Binghamton scofflaw Kevin Broadus. This seemed just a teensy bit questionable: Broadus was an epic flameout in upstate New York, with a mass of players arrested, dismissed or suspended during his tenure, during which he built a reputation as, shall we say, apathetic toward academics. Broadus' tenure ended in a tidy buyout, but his name became briefly synonymous with scandal. Did John Thompson III really want to attach that name to his program?

The answer, apparently, is yes. From Georgetown's media relations release:

Georgetown University Head Men's Basketball Coach John Thompson III announced today that Kevin Broadus will join the basketball staff. "Kevin's title will be 'Special Assistant,'" Coach Thompson said. "He will not be on the road recruiting but will serve as my aide. I'm glad to have him back at Georgetown."

Broadus is known as a top recruiter, so it's a bit of a surprise to see Thompson keep him off the road. Will that be a permanent arrangement or a temporary one? What does a special assistant do, exactly? And are the other assistants jealous?

Anyway, how do Georgetown fans feel about this? Some may be thrilled, others uncomfortable. For what it's worth, the boys at Casual Hoya are already predicting great things. As is tradition.