Tourney brackets to be revealed today

Friends, college hoops fans, lend me your ears: We've got something a bit special cooked up for you over the next couple of days. The best part? You don't even have to wait that long to find out what it is.

Beginning Wednesday morning at 11 a.m. ET -- i.e., in just a few minutes -- ESPN.com's College Basketball Nation blog is the exclusive home of the early-season tournament bracket unveilings. What's more, we're going to be rolling out all of the brackets with analysis and commentary from our ESPN.com college basketball staff. The field are mostly familiar (Maui, for example), but the actual matchups are not.

So we've got everything you need to prepare for the first real hoops action we get to see after seven brutal months of offseason. Just talking about them makes me giddy. Brackets! Brackets for everyone! Hopefully you experience a similar sensation.

Anyway, the point is: Check back with us all day today and tomorrow, and you'll get the first glimpse at how the November early-season schedule is really going to shape up. We'll be rolling one out at the top of each hour from 11 ET to 3 ET today and 11 ET to 2 ET tomorrow. Enjoy.