Is that Scottie Reynolds ... on the Metro?

WASHINGTON -- With streets snowed under by a blizzard and the Verizon Center only a quick subway ride away, Villanova assistant coach Doug West had what he thought was a great idea: he, Scottie Reynolds, Antonio Pena and graduate manager George Halcovage would hop on the Metro before the bus left the team hotel. The group likes to get some extra shots in before tip-off so West, an NBA travel veteran figuring the train would be faster, checked in with the hotel staff. They told him it would leave at 10 a.m. -- and with just a two-minute ride versus what could be a tricky bus trip -- West packed the crew up and headed down to Union Station.

Only problem: thanks to the snow, the trains were running on an abbreviated schedule. Arriving on the platform at 10, West & Co. discovered the next red line train would be departing at 10:30. So they waited and as they waited the platform got packed ... with Georgetown students.

Reynolds and Pena kept their blue sweatshirt hoods pulled over their heads and kept their heads down, but decked out in Villanova gear they would have needed a burqa to go unnoticed. As they finally boarded the Metro and headed to the back of the train, students whipped out their camera phones and pointed. "Is that Scottie Reynolds... on the Metro?'' one girl asked her neighbor. "Wow, we're riding with Scottie Reynolds,'' another guy said before adding, 'Go Hoyas.'

To add insult to the best-laid plan gone awry, by the time the group got to the arena the rest of the Villanova team (the ones from the bus) were in the locker room.

They'd been there for 15 minutes.