DePaul coach's home ransacked during trip

DePaul assistant coach Billy Garrett returned from the team's 11-day preseason tour of France to find that his family's home near South Side Chicago had been burglarized, leaving him devastated over losing family treasures. His son, top 2013 recruit Billy Garrett, Jr., was even missing his oxygen tank, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

"My father [William] was the first black that played basketball in the Big Ten" he said. "They took that jersey and his Globetrotter jersey. They also took my son's city championship ring and oxygen tank."

Garrett Jr. suffers from a rare form of sickle cell disease.

Garrett Jr. was quite upset about the item he treasured the most: "My grandfather was 'Mr. Basketball' in Indiana in 1947. I had his high school jersey framed in my room. They can have everything, but just give us back the things that don’t mean anything to anybody but us and I'll be happy."

Reached by phone, Garrett said he was speaking with police about the incident. It's expected that the school will do what it can to assist him as well.

Garrett , the son of Indiana Basketball Hall of Famer Bill Garrett, was a holdover from Jerry Wainwright's staff and began his coaching career in Chicago. His own son is already committed to DePaul with the idea that he'll help his father and head coach Oliver Purnell turn around the Blue Demons.

Garrett helped coach the team to an undefeated record in France, where they spent time in Paris with a choice of touring the Palace of Versailles or the Louvre Museum.

For the family to come back to its home and discover that it had been "cleaned...out," as Garrett described it, is heartbreaking and sickening.