K-State continues rebranding with new court

Kansas State athletics has had a busy summer. The Wildcats launched a subscription-based online HD network, and they've spent much of the summer overhauling the Kansas State "brand" with more consistent signage and more common use of their abbreviated name, K-State. And now, in the latest step, the Wildcats have gone and built an entirely new basketball court.

Bramlage Coliseum -- also known as "Octagon of Doom" -- got a little facelift this week, as Kansas State completed work on a redesigned floor style. The new court has a similar look to the old one; unfortunately, there are no wacky all-purple designs to be found here. But the K-State branding thing is in full view on the sidelines and baselines, and the center circle still features K-State's logo, the "powercat," which is probably the best name for a cat logo in the history of cat logos. K-State's sports department released the news of the new court today, and their post comes complete with a nifty time-lapse video documenting the piece-by-piece construction of the new hardwood. The replacement wasn't all about aesthetics, either:

The refurbishment was a necessity after seven years of use. The floor is typically removed an average of six times a year to accommodate various university and public events. It is common for gaps between the boards to occur over time, as the hardware and mechanisms that hold the floor together start to loosen.

Of course, aesthetics are the main concern in any new floor design, and in this instance, K-State nailed it. Not only are they sticking to their branding initiative, but they also tinted the inside of the three-point arc -- always a cool touch -- and made the outside edges of the court an octagon. You know, because Bramlage is the Octagon of Doom? Exactly. Short of putting Frank Martin's face on either end and a gigantic block-lettered "doom" in the middle of the floor -- see Luke Winn's hilarious photoshop from last fall to see what this would look like -- I'm not sure K-State could have picked a better design than this.