Yearlong college sports shutdown needed?

Dave Bliss, the former Baylor coach who once attempted to posthumously portray Patrick Dennehy as a drug dealer in order to cover up his payments to the murdered player, appears to be down on the current state of college athletics. As Bliss recently told The Oklahoman, "When I watch the college scene now, I still see the same pressures I cajoled to."


With every week, there is another headline and a new sign of the collegiate athletics apocalypse. There are scandals as well as a deep cynicism that as has seemingly blanketed the landscape. So the NCAA talked about reform during its two-day retreat for university presidents last month, which is nice.

But if it were left up to former coach Dave Odom, college sports would shut down or a year or two just to figure it all out.

Odom, the Maui Invitational tournament chairman who coached at South Carolina, Wake Forest and East Carolina, told the Asheville Citizen-Times he is embarrassed by the state of college sports and that the presidents would need that much time to reform the system.

"What should happen, but it will never happen, the presidents should shut down college sports for a whole year or two. Have a series of meetings with academic people who have direct responsibility for a model for the future of college athletics.

"Rewrite the rule book and come back and do things the right way. That's what should happen.

"What will happen, I'm afraid, is the greed of money and fame is going to be stronger than the rationale of what's best for the college student-athlete, and the super conferences are going to break off from the rest of the schools, and all that will matter is money and winning championships."

Yes, college sports is so troubling that a veteran coach with 22 seasons of coaching experience who recruited Tim Duncan to Wake Forest and went to the Elite Eight with him, is wishing for at least a yearlong shutdown so the NCAA can get it together.

Because something in the system is apparently broken and needs a lot of fixing.