Cal State Bakersfield will play on blue court

Cal State Bakersfield this season will make the Icardo Center on campus its primary home venue and play the majority of its games there instead of a more spacious downtown arena.

So to spruce things up, the Division I independent Roadrunners are making a bold statement and have installed an all-blue court with a huge roadrunner logo on it. Also to be added on the court are McDonald's Golden Arches logo due to a corporate sponsorship agreement, according to the Bakersfield Californian.

Think Northwestern was quirky in recently offering up an all-purple court for debate? Well, Cal State Bakersfield already went ahead and put in the portable all-blue court. Not even Boise State has gotten that done.

The blue court brings Cal State Bakersfield an identity at a time when the program is seeking conference affiliation and also welcoming in new coach Rod Barnes. A decade ago, Barnes led Ole Miss to the Sweet 16, and he became a Roadrunner after Georgia State fired him following four losing seasons.

In this new era, Cal State Bakersfield will no longer have its primary home at Rabobank Arena, which has a capacity of more than 9,000 when the average Roadrunner game attracts 1,760.

Home games against UNLV and San Diego that are expected to draw larger crowds will still be played at Rabobank while the 11 other regular-season games will be played on the blue floor at the Icardo Center.

"We're excited to get back into the Icardo Center, talking to former players, fans and alumni, it seems like something the CSUB community is also excited about," Barnes said in a statement. "On the other hand, the future of where we want to take our program lends us to still have a great relationship with the folks at Rabobank Arena and play there a few times this season."