Mike Scott 'like the grandfather' at UVA

Mike Scott is one of Those Players.

You know Those Players. In the cyclonic turnover of the one-and-done era, they're the guys who shine early in their careers but stay in school for all four years. Then, when the casual college hoops fan tunes in in December, they can't possibly believe said player is still in college hoops. Former Villanova guard Scottie Reynolds was one of Those Players. So was former Pitt guard Levance Fields. Some guys just feel like they've been around forever.

It's not a bad thing; in fact, most people seem to agree college basketball would be better if we had more of Those Players in the game. (Maybe, after this grueling NBA lockout, we will. Stay tuned.) So it's good to see Scott, the Virginia forward who lost his senior season to injury and returns to the team for his fifth year of eligibility under a medical hardship waiver in 2011-12, approach his old-man status with such aplomb. From the Roanoke Times:

After receiving a medical hardship waiver, he's back for yet another season -- his fifth as a Cavalier and, including a year of prep school, his sixth since graduating from Deep Creek High School in Chesapeake.

It's his final go-round, Take 2. Little wonder his teammates have moved him up a branch on the family tree.

"I was the father of the team last year," he said. "Now, I'm like the grandfather."

Virginia should be thrilled to have Scott back; before his injury, he was the Cavaliers' most consistent threat. Now, Virginia coach Tony Bennett has a young but intriguing team, one looking to surprise a few folks in the ACC. If Virginia does so, it will almost certainly have Scott's return to thank.

Anyway, UVA fans, Scott just did your job for you. Your nickname for Mike Scott is now "The Grandfather." Please mark your student section T-shirts and accompanying signage accordingly. That is all.