Kevin Parrom chuckles at shooting incident

On Sunday, Arizona confirmed that forward Kevin Parrom had been the victim of a shooting in New York City. As Diamond wrote on Sunday night, Parrom was wounded, and the incident seemed terrifying:

A New York Police Department officer said the shooting followed a dispute that occurred around 1 a.m. Saturday at a residence in the Bronx. Parrom was shot once in the right leg and taken to a local hospital in stable condition after suffering gunshot wounds to his left hand and right knee, Officer Chris Pisano said.

That sounds horrible and traumatic. It had to be, right? And yet Parrom -- who returned to Arizona to finish his recovery Monday -- was still able to find some delightful basketball humor in the situation. I know, I know. The words "delightful" and "gun shot wound humor" don't always go hand in hand. But after former Washington star Isaiah Thomas tweeted his well wishes and prayers for Parrom Monday night, Parrom responded with this:

@Isaiah_Thomas2 thanks for the love. Idk what hurts more your shot that went in at the end of the game or the 1 i got this weekend smh lol

Of course, Parrom is referring to Thomas's buzzer-beater in Washington's Pac-12 title win over Arizona in March. See? Humor!

It's not all jokes; Parrom has also been thanking everyone for the support on Twitter and thanking God for his opportunity to return to Arizona alive and (relatively) well. Considering the poor kid was, you know, shot with a gun, his perspective and attitude have been thoroughly impressive.

Anyway, here's to a full recovery. If that sense of humor is any indication, Parrom should be back on his feet in no time.

(Hat tip: The Dagger)