'Chocolate Thunder' coaching college

Darryl Dawkins Goes To College, To Coach

Darryl Dawkins, the first high school player to be drafted and go directly to the NBA, has gone to college, to coach the Lehigh Carbon Community College basketball team

Tom Friend has a great piece for Outside the Lines on Darryl Dawkins, the first NBA player to be drafted out of high school who's now the head coach at Lehigh Carbon Community College.

That the dunker nicknamed "Chocolate Thunder" from Planet Lovetron ended up there is quite the amazing story:

The phone rang at Lehigh Carbon Community College, in the Allentown suburb of Schnecksville, Pa., and athletic director Jocelyn Beck picked up.

"Hi, this is Darryl Dawkins. I'm interested in being your basketball coach."

"Who is this?"

"Darryl Dawkins."

"OK, just send me your résumé."

"What do you mean?"

"I need to have a résumé. Thank you."

Beck honestly thought it was a crank phone call, a joke, which was why she rushed him off the line in 14 seconds.

Check out the video accompanying the piece as well.