StubHub has a cruel sense of humor

USC barred itself from the postseason for violations related to O.J. Mayo. It stinks that the current team won't be able to dance, and Trojan fans can't be a great mood about it.

StubHub apparently didn't get the Mike Garrett memo and video about all this. Scott Wolf of the Los Angeles Daily News uncovered this beauty:

"Who says madness has to wait for March?

"Only a handful of home games remain, none bigger than when UCLA heads to the Galen Center. Then it's on to the Pac-10 Tournament, where your Trojans, will battle for a Conference crown. So don't miss a minute of the action! Go to StubHub today, choose your seats, and be there when your school takes on their biggest rivals.''

Really, StubHub? The company also sent out e-mails last year to fans of baseball teams out of the pennant race encouraging them to buy tickets as their crummy teams "chase baseball immortality."

StubHub cited a glitch and then e-mailed out apologies for that incident. USC knows all about how that works, of course.