Sean Miller optimistic about Kevin Parrom

The playing status of Arizona junior Kevin Parrom remains uncertain, but it is becoming clear just how scary it was for him to suffer a gunshot wound near his knee during his trip home to New York City.

In his first extensive comments on Parrom since the Sept. 24 shooting, Wildcats coach Sean Miller had this to say at a recent fundraising dinner, according to the Arizona Daily Star:

"He's making slow, steady progress," Miller told the attendees. "At one point he lost all feeling below his right knee and couldn't feel his foot. There was no guarantee it would ever come back. But in two weeks, inch by inch, day by day, he's able to get feeling and movement and we're optimistic that that will continue each week."

Parrom, who had traveled to New York to visit his seriously ill mother, flew back to Tucson less than three days after the shooting and began rehabilitation. However, Miller has been hesitant to issue any formal timetable for Parrom's return, possibly because of uncertainty involved with the gunshot wound.

"We're going to know a lot more in the next two or four" weeks, Miller told the crowd. "But I'm going to tell you I believe he's going to play this year -- and that in and of itself will be remarkable."

Parrom, one of Arizona's top returning players, not only could have seen his career ended. Miller in the days after the shooting released a statement saying, "Kevin, first and foremost, is fortunate to be alive."

With practices beginning later this week, Parrom might not be available, but he could be returning with a new perspective on the game.

"It happened, and he got back kind of with a different mindset," teammate Solomon Hill told the Arizona Daily Star.