High praise for Washington's Tony Wroten

Washington guard Tony Wroten is one of the most highly-touted freshman guards in the country, and Huskies coach Lorenzo Romar isn't exactly shy about his excitement.

Over the weekend, there was Romar on 950 KJR comparing Wroten to Magic Johnson, saying, "Sometimes guys see things, but they see it a second late. He sees things right as they are developing and he delivers the ball on the spot. And he can do that while going full speed. And those are things that Magic was able to do."

On Tuesday during his first news conference of the season, Romar also talked about the under-appreciated part of Wroten's game on defense. Romar learned that while speaking with the coach of the USA Under-17 team that Wroten helped win a gold medal.

"When he did come into the game, the game would change because defensively, he would lead the charge," Romar said. "That was pretty impressive. When the game was on the line, that’s how he would respond."

Wroten, the fifth-ranked point guard in the 2011 class, is perhaps better known for his flashy passes and athleticism. Wroten being well-rounded at such an early stage of his career would be even more dangerous for Pac-12 opponents hoping the Huskies experience a drop-off in the backcourt after Isaiah Thomas left for the NBA draft.

There will be a certain amount of pressure on Wroten as well because of the confident style he played with in high school and because the Seattle native will have the ball in his hands in front of a hometown crowd.

The fans will be expecting Wroten to deliver excitement, just as he did for Romar on the recruiting trail while with Team USA.