Bad break for UConn's Michael Bradley

When Michael Bradley recently broke his silence about giving up his scholarship so top center Andre Drummond could play at Connecticut, the redshirt freshman stressed he saw it as an opportunity to make a sacrifice for the team.

"I don't want anybody to pity me," he said. "That is the one thing that I don't want."

But it's difficult not to feed badly for Bradley after he fractured his right ankle and is scheduled for surgery that is expected to leave him out for six weeks while he rehabs.

The injury puts him further behind after a season in which he redshirted during the Huskies' national championship season. He could have provided depth at the position behind Drummond, but will now miss the start of the season.

Giving up the scholarship to the prized recruit instantly made UConn a national title contender again, but the decision was controversial given that UConn's crunch was mandated by the NCAA.

The other side to that is that if it weren't for Drummond, Bradley might never have gotten to UConn in the first place, according to the New Haven Register.

In July 2009, Jim Calhoun and Patrick Sellers, then a UConn assistant, were at the AAU nationals in Orlando to watch Drummond, the mega-recruit from their own backyard. The plan was for Calhoun to watch Drummond's game for one half, then flip-flop with Sellers, who was watching a game on another court.

But Calhoun became intrigued by the 6-foot-9 center who was more than holding his own against Drummond -- even, at times, dominating him. Kid by the name of Michael Bradley.

"Mike played so well," Sellers recalled. "Coach stayed for the whole game and started watching Mike, too."

Bradley has overcome recruiting anonymity to earn a national championship ring and has since given up his scholarship to help the team. Now he'll have an injury to recover from as well.